About Us

Class Computing was founded in July, 2009 by the owners of Advanced Networking and Dalkim, Inc. We are independent IT consultants who figured out early on that a team of dedicated professionals serves our clients better than a one man shop. Because we have multiple partners, we stress on consistently high levels of customer service as well as more opportunities for growth and development.

At Class Computing, we see technology as a business investment that enables us to help our clients discover and implement the technologies that will impact their productivity the most. We believe in being responsive to our clients' needs, always making them our top priority. We have a fully staffed help desk so that all client calls are handled by a live support technician within seconds.

The word "Class" in Class Computing is an acronym for last names of the five founding partners. Together, we have decades of industry experience and strive to develop long term relationships with our clients. In fact, we still have clients that have trusted us and remained with us ever since we began our relationship many years ago.

We know what it takes to maintain a scalable business relationship that grows with you and your business. We are constantly upgrading our industry knowledge and skills and by doing so we are ahead of our competition. We hold numerous industry certifications and strive to partner directly with large trusted technology companies such as Microsoft and Cisco and bring enterprise grade solutions to small businesses in a budget-friendly way.